Are you creating a resilient world?

Mar 06, 14 Are you creating a resilient world?

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Though our hearts know another world is possible, it’s not necessarily easy to create the regenerative culture we dream of…

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Is air your favorite element? Today is your day!

I feel a deep need to commune with natural energy and the elements…There are four special days a year that are dedicated to one of the elements, and today is Air Day!

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Water: my favorite alchemical substance

(from Quaglia’s blog) Water. You just might be my favorite alchemical substance (Please don’t tell fire I said this). You are so pure, clear. They say you are a purifier, though instead of annulling memory, energy and residual emotion, you communicate them I believe. You fall from the sky in a torrent of rain curiously...

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Water flows and greenhouse growth at Tiglio

Continued from… New Life Journey: My nucleo community Tiglio         After a week or so, I feel quite at home in Tiglio. I don’t mind the walk to Damanhur Crea, and I usually get rides anyway from people passing by. I am finally catching up with myself. During the afternoons, I walk down to the small...

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