Light of divinity under the full moon

Apr 19, 14 Light of divinity under the full moon

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The Oracle was a very moving evening, where everyone renewed their commitment to work toward the reawakening of their divine nature…

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Nutrition for being a better magician (part 1) – What to eat

The question of what to eat in order to nourish ourselves in body and soul, like every question in Damanhur, it’s a multidimensional one…

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The feminine in antiquity by Shama, the Damanhurian Epiphany

The mother goddess was known in a variety of different forms. Sometimes she was a snake, or a vulture, or the moon. Each symbol represents a cycle of death, birth and regeneration.

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Desire is all we need for unity

A river from the future, to the now, the present moment, the only moment that counts, that pulses with the vitality of the heart…

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What does a community of individualists look like?

I see people in public spaces staring at their private digital realities instead of talking to each other and laughing together, singing songs and playing guitar…

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A world where people are free, explore community

Urban Ecology from Tel Aviv meets Damanhur

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