What are you doing to save the world?

Aug 28, 14 What are you doing to save the world?

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We hear a lot about ‘building a better world’ or even outright saving it, but what does that mean? What does it look like? Who’s actually doing it? So many people are active in building a better world through concrete actions and projects…

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spiriTunes #1: Sheila Chandra

Aug 22, 14 spiriTunes #1: Sheila Chandra

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Sheila Chandra is a voice to be heard and remembered.

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New Economy and Pizza

Aug 19, 14 New Economy and Pizza

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Here’s another peek into the social-cultural melange of traveling in Europe and WWOOFing on a farm in Italy… the communal ritual of eating home fired pizzas with conversations on alternative economy and Spanish guitar melodies…

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Sprials and bell peppers

Aug 05, 14 Sprials and bell peppers

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More than just a WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) experience, staying at nucleo community Prima Stalla is a window into the magical ways of Damanhur…

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Do you know what’s in your detergent?

How many times have we found an ecological cleaning product to be unpleasant or ineffective, or found out that a product that we liked was bad for health and environment?

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Damanhurians simultaneously united

Jun 23, 14 Damanhurians simultaneously united

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You are all one, united. So be united. Be one. This is what is needed…

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