The gift of ‘Becoming’ by Julia Butterfly Hill

Nov 26, 11 The gift of ‘Becoming’ by Julia Butterfly Hill

In the sunny chill of early winter, Damanhur had the delight of hosting many members of the What’s Your Tree advisory board in our communities of AlfaTentyris and Tiglio. The mission of What’s Your Tree, co-founded by Julia Butterfly Hill, is to create an international network of small groups that heal the world through purpose, passion and action.

I participated in the intensive days of deepening friendship, exploring the magic of Damanhur and the pristine Alps, and re-visioning WYT with: Milena the

International Coordinator of WYT, Natalia the WYT Regional Leader of Colombia, Rona from Findhorn and Silvia from the School of Ecopsychology. Fueled by herbal tea and persimmons, we drew from our diverse wisdom and experience to dream big, igniting a future of fulfilled missions and conscious living.

BecomingMilena surprised us with autographed copies of the third and most recent book by Julia Butterfly, Becoming: Pictures, Poems and Stories, available online, with proceeds going to support the What’s Your Tree project.

The book is saturated with Julia’s unique creativity, revolutionary passion and natural beauty. Much of the work originates from the epoch of Luna, when she lived in an old-growth redwood tree in California for over 2 years. In the acknowledgments, Julia thanks Milena for her help in manifesting the book. Julia says that if you like it, she will take credit for it, and if you don’t, it’s Milena’s fault. True friendship!

I share a poem from the book with you here. After Julia and Milena visited the Temples of Humankind for the first time, Julia recited this poem immediately after exiting the underground sacred space. We are honored to inspire powerful personalities and sensitive souls such as Julia while sharing in the mystical journey of the Temples. We too are inspired by her vision!



You are a part of me

You are a part of me,
and I am a part of you.

When one reaches out to another,
then one transforms to two.

But two is never separate
from the one that it was before.

If anything, two is the possibility
of one becoming more.

And if there were no counting,
no numbers to create a wall,
when we looked in the face of one,
we would see the face of all.




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